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Our foreclosure prevention team will help you modify your loan with interest rate reductions and renegotiated terms that save you money.

Foreclosure Prevention Workshops have helped Thousands of Florida Homeowners! Stop talking about it and Qualify for a low rate mortgage modification now.

Over 11,500 homeowners have been counseled at 20 events nationwide since HOPE NOW began conducting foreclosure prevention workshops.

FHA Refinance Loans Expand with Hope for Homeowners to Stop Foreclosure


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Loan Modification Eligibility with FDIC
New “Foreclosure Prevention Act” Empowers Banks

Home Foreclosures Skyrocketing

Dayton’s City Commission approved funding for foreclosure prevention services for low- and moderate-income families. The capital raises will help homeowners prevent foreclosure by evaluating mortgage terms, the causes of delinquency, home ownership expenses, home valuation and other factors. Consider the new laws and loan modification plans that promote Foreclosure Prevention.

Western Massachusetts Foreclosure Prevention Center is opening in Pittsfield.

In Seattle, Washington, a foreclosure prevention program was created to help borrowers get quick financial loans up to $5,000 to help homeowners fund the loan modification process.Get more Washington Foreclosure Prevention Details.

The Loan Modification Buzz was developed to help millions of homeowners stop the foreclosure process by working with the banks to lower your mortgage payments to a payment you can afford.  

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Breaking News ---- Banks and Mortgage companies do not actually want to seize your property. A recent report suggested that on average, a foreclosure costs the bank $50,000. Nobody wins these days in foreclosure. Get Started with a Loan Modification Now!

Loan Modification Lower Monthly Payments

Our Loss Mitigation Lawyers will renegotiate your mortgage rates with a loan modification that stop foreclosures with a fresh start with lower mortgage payment from a foreclosure prevention company who gets results. Renegotiate Mortgage Rates is a mortgage marketplace designed for homeowners to get help with foreclosure prevention by means of loan modifications, forbearances and short sales.

We are part of the F.A.S.T. network that is an attorney-backed owned and operated loan modification company. Our firm was founded by a group of trusted real estate lawyers, a national firm and a group of mortgage lenders who have been licensed and chartered for almost twenty years. Our legal team of negotiators boasts of over 60 years of experience practicing mortgage, real estate and foreclosure laws.


Renegotiate for Lower Mortgage Rates

Our foreclosure prevention company was created to focus on real estate related issues including debt settlement, credit repair and FHA mortgage loans for consumers with impaired credit. We will protect you against predatory lending companies and seek the best solution for your personal situation. We are a successful loss mitigation company focused homeowner advocate group that strives to protect your home and your rights.

Our primary mission is to provide our customers with increased cash flow and reduced monthly payments from loan modifications that ensure long term financial savings. Renegotiate Mortgage Rates is online for foreclosure assistance and to provide affordable mortgage solutions. The Foreclosure Assistance Service Team performs forensic audits and mortgage restructuring services in an effort to secure a payment you can afford.


  Banks and mortgage lending institutions do not actually want your house. A recent report suggested that on average, a foreclosure costs the bank almost $60,000. With liquidity being an essential ingredient for the survival of most banks, they cannot afford to seize your home. Loan modifications are the best solution for you and your lender. Nobody wins these days in foreclosure. Ask your loan negotiator if you qualify for a principal reduction that will forgive some of your outstanding mortgage balance.  
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Loan Modifications and Foreclosure Prevention

Question: How long will it take for me to renegotiate my home mortgage and my second mortgage loan?

Answer: In most cases it takes 60 to 90 days. However, 120 days is common with lenders like who are backed up like Washington Mutual, Countrywide, etc. The trend lately has been much quicker with negotiated terms and modifications in 30-45 days. It is important to remember that each loan modification is unique and the time varies based on who your mortgage lender is and what your hardship details consist of.

Question: What if my mortgage company won't approve us for a loan modification?

Answer: Now more than ever, mortgage companies and banks understand that if they do not provide revised loan terms or settle for a portion of the debt to be paid that they will more likely than not get any money. Banking institutions are aware of the declining housing market. They know that at a certain point, they have to take what they can get. Most of them will settle very quickly, avoiding the cost of foreclosure and recovery actions. In the rare event that a creditor won't settle with our offer, they will return with a counter offer that will be favorable to you. There are many options to prevent foreclosure if you act soon enough.
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Stop a Foreclosure with a Hardship Letter - The full process of stopping a foreclosure is a loan modification—the process of getting the terms of your mortgage loan reworked so that you can better manage paying it. Loan modifications used to be reserved for borrowers whose mortgages became delinquent because of job losses, divorce proceedings, or illness, but today they are also open to those individuals who are suffering in the aftermath of adjustable rate mortgages skyrocketing and placing the monthly payment beyond the means of the borrower.

The key to stopping a foreclosure is: knowing when to submit this foreclosure hardship letter and when to submit the other documents that are critical to the process. However, the letter is of utmost importance because it is what ultimately convinces the lender that your situation is truly temporary and that you will pay your mortgage on time from now on if the mortgage terms are modified to facilitate better management of the loan.

The Foreclosure Assistance Service Team performs forensic audits and loan modification services.


The recent housing crisis combined with the subprime mortgage crisis has increased mortgage foreclosure filings to a historic high. Regardless of the reason you may be facing foreclosure; the mortgage market is flooded with loan modification companies providing services for foreclosures prevention.

It is imperative to align your interests with a proven foreclosure prevention company who has experience with loss and mitigation legalities that are critical to your success.

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The Foreclosure Assistance Service Team performs forensic audits and loan modification services.